#UnLimbitedBaking Competition

Fancy designing a dream cake that gets baked into a tasty reality and the chance to win a Tefal Cake Factory along with a delicious tin of cookies? Well, Team UnLimbited has some exciting news…

We’ve teamed up with famous baker and advocate of the limb difference community, Briony May, to run a very special competition that involves your creative skills and Briony’s baking expertise!

All you have to do is submit a drawing of a cake that you would like to be baked by Briony by Friday 11th October, based on a theme that means something to you (e.g. superheroes), and write a short paragraph about why this is special and why you should win!

Briony will pick the winner in a big reveal on our social channels and then we’ll send you the prizes - you do not want to miss out on this!

 Entering is completely free and can be done by emailing your name, town and entry to giveaway@teamunlimbited.org.

You can also send your design to us via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Feel free to share the competition with our hashtag #UnLimbitedBaking.

We’re excited to see your entries! Good luck everyone!



Free to enter. UK residents only. Starts 18/09/2019, 10am BST and runs until 11/10/2019 6pm BST. The winner will be announced via our website and social channels. The prize will be sent free of charge once the winner’s address has been supplied. No cash value to the prize. Entrants under 16 require parental or guardian consent, and proof of permission may be required. The entrant must submit their entry to the provided email address or Team UnLimbited social accounts. The winner will be chosen by Briony May. This has no affiliation to Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform sharing the content. This giveaway is hosted by Team UnLimbited, UK registered charity 1177455.

Help us build a world map !


We want to create a world map to record all the UnLimbited Arms made by us and by others around the world.

To help us with this we would like you to send us a picture of a recipient showing off their device along with the following details  :-

  • Name of recipient
  • Theme / inspiration for device colours / pattern 
  • Town / City of recipient
  • Country of recipient
  • Name of device maker
  • email address / website of device maker

We will combine these details into an interactive map and hope to keep this up to date as more and more arms are gifted by us and others around the world.

We want to celebrate our work and that of the e-nable community volunteers and groups around the world who are bringing the gift of a smile to children and adults all around the world with our open source design.

Please send a photo and the details above to worldmap@teamunlimbited.org

Team UnLimbited Officially Become A Charity

After 10 long months with the Charity Commission we are over the moon to announce that we are now registered and recognised as a Charity in the UK !

This is great news as we have some really big plans for what we want to achieve and Charity Status provides us with the validation we want that we are "Real" and also to open up new opportunities for funding for some of our big ideas.

Its been a long process and now that its concluded we hope to divert our energy back to our plans that we hope to be able to share in the coming weeks and months.

Many thanks for everyone's ongoing support.


e-Nable France helps up spread some Christmas Magic

Christmas is a time to help spread a little magic. This year, with the help of Thierry Oquidam & e-Nable France, we worked together (with Santa) to ensure that five children had a special present to open on Christmas morning. Please watch our video, and share much love with e-Nable France! https://e-nable.fr/