UnLimbited Arm v2.1 incremental release

We have just updated our UnLimbited arm to v2.1. It now has a smoother rounded cuff for comfier use, we have also included a cleaned version of the phoenix palm that has the word EXPERIMENTAL removed. The version number, together with the three key measurements and the calculated print scale% for the phoenix hand, are now stamped on the underside of the cuff for future reference.

Files can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1672381

First BCN3D Sigma Printed Device !

Today I completed the first device to be created on our new BCN3D Sigma printers, printed in Colorfabb PHA / PLA.

These printers feature dual independent extruders, that allow us to do some pretty cool designs, simpler and easier than our other machines.

The device for was for a boy called Zac who requested a space theme; I think you will agree the results are pretty AWESOME !

BCN3D SIGMA Printers are GO !

Today we have started printing our first device to be produced on our new printers !

BCN3D gave us an amazing deal on a pair of amazing printers - their SIGMA

We will be doing more coverage of this machine and our printing process / tools we use soon as we get allot of requests for more technical information !

The 1st device on these machines is also our smallest ever, for the e-NABLE geek in the house this is a phoenix scaling of 80% !

SD card along side to give idea of the cute size of this !

Dual Printed on the BCN3D Sigma, Phoenix Palm at 80% !

Dual Printed on the BCN3D Sigma, Phoenix Palm at 80% !