Help us to help others

Recently we have had quite a few emails and messages from people asking how they can help.

Team UnLimbited are in the process of registering as a charity in the UK, everything we have done has been funded by ourselves or from donations that people have given us.

If you want to help us to keep giving the world a helping hand (or arm) then please consider a donation. 100% of your donation goes towards equipment for everything we do, from the materials to build a device or tools we use to make them.

You can donate by clicking HERE

If you want a device for yourself or for someone you know then:-

If you are in the UK then drop us an email to : -

If you are outside the UK then either check out:-

If you want to get involved then join the e-nable community:-

If you want more information about the global e-nable movement then check out:-

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Fantastic equipment, Fantastic support!


I would like to give an enormous thank you to everyone at  3DCONNEXION especially Simon Loftus who after seeing the work being done by Team UnLimbited wanted to offer their support; they contacted me and asked if they could come and visit and see what we do first hand (so to speak!). When they arrived they had a surprise. To help me with the next iterations of designs for our arms they presented me with a SpaceMouse Enterprise edition.


As a Computer Aided Designer, I had always dreamed of owning a spacemouse. First off I want to say how effortless it makes interacting with your 3d model, as if actually holding it in your hand. To be able to turn it any direction pull it push it to lift or drop is an incredibly intuitive experience. As a disabled user with one hand, the customisable buttons are a godsend, reducing the need for my good hand to travel between mouse/keyboard. As someone who has suffered from RSI in the past, the spacemouse is incredibly comfortable and using it for prolonged periods caused me no aches or pain.


I honestly cannot recommend the spacemouse enterprise enough. It is currently being used to evolve our designs as we push the boundaries of 3d printed hands and arms. the generosity of 3DCONNEXION is amazing and it is truly great to have the support of such a wonderful company.

1 year on.

Just a few days ago it was the one year anniversary that we released v2 of our UnLimbited arm for free. Our design has now been downloaded over five thousand times, helping hundreds of people all over the world. We have loved seeing all the photo's, and hearing the stories of all people wearing and using our arm. We would like to thank all the kind souls that have helped give the world a helping hand, and encourage others to put their printers to good use. For just £20-£30 (gbp) in materials you can help build an arm for a child who needs one.