Drew's 6th Build for Stephen in the press

My 6th build for Stephen Davies who is my partner in Team UnLimbited received some good media interest from his Raptor Reloaded I built him as he starts on his plans for the future with building for others; which evolved into Team UnLimbited.

He had articles printed on WalesOnline and The South Wales Evening Post.

Fair enough the South Wales Evening Post article might be a little creative in its content, but theres no bad thing in raising awareness I suppose! Stephen commented on the South Wales Evening Post article below :-

This article failed completely to grasp the nature of my story and what my intentions were. Now when I read it, it just makes me laugh. They say I was a film buff inspired by Iron Man, who built himself his own hand. Don’t get me wrong, the film was OK. But Drew built this arm for me. I was so blown away at what Drew did for me, that I knew that I had to be involved. I was trying to raise money to purchase a 3D printer to help others. They kept pushing Iron Man references, even though my kids called my hand the transformer hand (You can even see the AutoBot sticker in the photo!) Oh Well. Slow clap everyone......