UnLimbited Phoenix to RIT Adaptor

When Stephen started his 1st build for Isabella, which was to be a RIT arm he quickly discovered the extra components needed to make the standard RIT hand he did not have e.g. chicago screws. Stephen also wanted to use this build to road test further the Phoenix hand developed by Jason Bryant that is currently undergoing evaluation.

During one of our many Hangout conversations I suggested to Stephen that we could develop an adapter to allow the Phoenix to be retro-fitted on to the RIT arm; I quickly knocked up these very rough images on the train while on the way to see a client.

Stephen wasted no time and began developing the idea further and soon had a working idea.

Stephen then noticed that the adapter would interfere with the palm area, so he reduced the adapter size, enough to fit and be strong but not occupy the whole palm void; perhaps someone in the future could make use of this space :-) Stephen then added tendon paths and mounting point for the forearm.

So with all the basic elements taken care of Stephen sent me the files while he focused on the rest of Isabella's RIT arm and I printed off a test adapter to fit to a Phoenix hand I was building for Abbi Jillians,

Initial tests seem good, the fit was great and the adapter would click in around the wrist pin holes, I did notice the tendon holes did not quite line up, I provided this feedback to Stephen and demonstrated it by using Spaghetti :-)

Stephen's own testing had also determined that the tendon routing needed to change as the internal angles were to steep and impacting on the finger movement. After some modification and tweaking Stephen settled on the final version, he printed it ready for Isabella's arm.

Stephen also produced a mock up of what Isabella's RIT arm with Phoenix hand would look like, very cool indeed.

You can find out more about our work with Isabella in THESE blog posts. The Phoenix adapter files can be found HERE should anyone want to make use of them.