Stephen's 2nd Recipient - Mollie

Mollie was the second child that I was asked to help by the charity REACH. Mollie who is thirteen was missing her fingers on her right hand, and had a partial thumb. After discussions with her and her parents, we considered a thumb-less Phoenix Hand, but on Mollies input decided to use a standard hand. The day that I delivered Isabella's arm I decided to drop in to see Mollie with some test parts to check the measurements to get the best fit possible. Mollie requested a pink and purple hand. She told me that she would like to have her hand ready before going on holiday. So I worked late every night to get Mollies hand ready for her. On this hand I decided to test my newly designed reverse dovetail gauntlet, with a newly designed custom 3 pin tensioner box, which allows for a better adaptive grip. When ready I completed a 200 mile round trip to deliver and fit the hand. Mollie had never had a prosthetic before, and within minutes of putting on her hand she was going around picking everything up she could. She couldn't wait to show all her friends. Mollie's smile made all the late nights worth it. It was one of the best days ever.