I'm sure you have all seen the good work Team UnLimbited has been doing for e-NABLE recently. Isabella's video has been seen by nearly a million viewers on youtube, and appeared on many websites, TV channels and printed publications.  We've also posted pictures of little Abbi using her 3D printed hand to colour in her book on her first day to school.  

We have been tirelessly working in the background, giving up our spare time designing testing and evolving the hands/arms and components to try and deliver the best assistive device's possible for FREE to recipients. We do this because it is a calling. A passion to help others.

We have received an invitation to be guest speakers and hold an exhibition at a technology conference in Malmo Sweden. This opportunity could profoundly help in not only promoting the good work being done by e-NABLE, but helping us to connect with software engineers and industry leaders who could help our cause, which in turn could help so many recipients.

Neither of us have done ANYTHING like this before, and it is an honor to be the only non-professional volunteers asked to attend. (If a LOT scary!)

We feel that this is too big an opportunity to let pass by, so both me and Drew have agreed to go to Sweden to help raise awareness of e-NABLE and to let the people who need us know that we exist, and that they will be able to get help for free.

That's where YOU come in. Although the flights and hotel are being covered by the conference, we still have to cover travel costs to and from the airports, parking and our food. We also need to be able pay for our own promotional materials including printed leaflets, a display stand,  and the printed graphics needed for it.

Added to this we will need to 3D print a variety of different hand and arm models for demo purposes and this will also cost us resources that would normally go towards builds for recipients. We will both need to take time off work, and give up our time; to be clear none of the donations received pay us directly, only cover costs and materials we incur from this work.

we will shortly begin publishing a summary of the donations received and how they have been used; we want to be as transparent as possible in the work we are doing.

Please remember that all the work we do is voluntary and is paid for by ourselves. We can't do this without your help. So please Donate to help us, to give a helping hand to others.