Frozen Themed Unlimbited arm in Argentina!!


The power of 3 D printing
Today we tell a personal story that reflects the essence of the 3 D printing in all its dimensions.
In an event, we were approached claudio to tell us the situation of brunette, His 5-Year-old granddaughter, fan of frozen. She fight day to day with the fact that we don't count on your hand and left forearm, something we all take for granted.
We use the power of personalization of 3 D printing and adapt a design online to their actions. Afterwards, we asked for help to our great friend Jakhem to put wave to the plastic and the result it amazed us.
This is where lies the beauty of this technology, in the fact of returning the productive capacity to the people and solve problems without having to go to a standardized products that they offer us, sometimes at exorbitant prices.
Thanks Morena for the smile, jakhem for the help :)
Let them the design of the prosthesis:
And the blog of the artist: