The Shed V2 begins !

Stephen's current HQ is a humble garden shed.

While it might have received global recognition on Shed of the Year, the reality is it is now to small for this operation to be based within.

Luckily Apex Timber Buildings have offered an upgrade for Stephen; a far posher and bigger shed that should meet the needs for any small arms dealer ;-)

Work for Version 2 of "The Shed" has now begun and with help from a local builder the foundations have now been laid.


We can't wait to get the new shed in place and see what is the next open source creation to come from within its timber frame walls !

We are now working out all the items we will need to kit out "The Shed V2" and we have started a wish list of items we need; feel free to make a donation from the list.

Massive thank you to Apex Timber Buildings; and to everyone for their continued support.