Help us build a world map !


We want to create a world map to record all the UnLimbited Arms made by us and by others around the world.

To help us with this we would like you to send us a picture of a recipient showing off their device along with the following details  :-

  • Name of recipient
  • Theme / inspiration for device colours / pattern 
  • Town / City of recipient
  • Country of recipient
  • Name of device maker
  • email address / website of device maker

We will combine these details into an interactive map and hope to keep this up to date as more and more arms are gifted by us and others around the world.

We want to celebrate our work and that of the e-nable community volunteers and groups around the world who are bringing the gift of a smile to children and adults all around the world with our open source design.

Please send a photo and the details above to