Fantastic equipment, Fantastic support!


I would like to give an enormous thank you to everyone at  3DCONNEXION especially Simon Loftus who after seeing the work being done by Team UnLimbited wanted to offer their support; they contacted me and asked if they could come and visit and see what we do first hand (so to speak!). When they arrived they had a surprise. To help me with the next iterations of designs for our arms they presented me with a SpaceMouse Enterprise edition.


As a Computer Aided Designer, I had always dreamed of owning a spacemouse. First off I want to say how effortless it makes interacting with your 3d model, as if actually holding it in your hand. To be able to turn it any direction pull it push it to lift or drop is an incredibly intuitive experience. As a disabled user with one hand, the customisable buttons are a godsend, reducing the need for my good hand to travel between mouse/keyboard. As someone who has suffered from RSI in the past, the spacemouse is incredibly comfortable and using it for prolonged periods caused me no aches or pain.


I honestly cannot recommend the spacemouse enterprise enough. It is currently being used to evolve our designs as we push the boundaries of 3d printed hands and arms. the generosity of 3DCONNEXION is amazing and it is truly great to have the support of such a wonderful company.

Team UnLimbited Receive Filament Donation !

Today Team UnLimbited received a surprise donation of ColorFabb filament from their 7th recipient Abbi Jillians.

Stephen and Myself can't thank Abbi and her helping hand's fund raising efforts enough for this generous donation; it will be put to good use on both R&D prints and recipient prints in the future !

Abbi and her mum Julie have been working hard to raise awareness of 3D printed prosthetics, their educational and recipient value.

Their fundraising effort has seen them raise enough funds to achieve the 1st school I know of in the UK to have a 3D printer installed specifically for them to become e-NABLE hand producers!

Team UnLimbited have been and will continue to provide technical support and advice for Tavistock Community Primary School as they work on this exciting development, the wider e-NABLE volunteer team are also supporting Julie in her fantastic efforts.

The educational value in 3D printing across the curriculum is MASSIVE, if we want a strong economy in the FUTURE we need to be teaching this new technology to our kids TODAY. This is such a fantastic opportunity for children to be involved in; least of all the IT, Maths, Craft and Design elements of the curriculum it will teach children in an engaging way, but also the outcome of this is potential to improve someones life at the same time.

Using this technology for education and e-NABLE is big thing with our volunteers across the pond and its great to see that starting to happen here in the UK.

Some pictures of Tavistock Community Primary School 3D Printer in action, creating their example hand for submission to become a builder :-

Make sure to Check out Abbi's Helping Hand's Facebook page, and also to sign up to her campaign for 3D printers in schools on the curriculum to help mirror what e-NABLE are establishing in America.



Plastic2Print - A generous caring company

I contacted plastic2print hoping that they could help with the cost of filament. They surpassed themselves by giving a huge 60% discount on my first order. Later when I needed pink and purple (for Mollies hand) I ordered 1 of each and the sent me 4 of each at no extra charge. They have now very generously agreed to partner with me to offer cheap filament to aid in the production of hands for others. Thank you so much.

This is what they said:

We are warmed by the idea that we are actually helping you doing this great job.
If you could send us images of the end result, it would be awesome.
Please keep us up-to-date and let us know if you need additional materials. Regards and keep going!
This is the best video I have seen with 3D printed objects.....ever!!! Thanks for doing this, let us know when you need additional materials.
Again: truly amazing Steve.
This is by far the best application for 3D printing I have seen.
Keep up the good work and let me know if you have any questions related to the material
Compared to the average vase that is printed, this is truly life changing!
Please keep us updated!
We would like to be your partner in material supplies, we love what you do and we want to help you with your efforts.