Drew's 1st Recipient - Eden

After e-NABLE passed my test hand I was now able to be matched to a recipient !

My first match was for girl from Manchester, Eden. Eden's Dad had read about e-NABLE online and had registered his daughter for a device, once matched the exciting but daunting task of my first build began.

The build process followed the standard advised e-NABLE method, of using pictures of her good and affected hand with software to take measurements to determine the size of the device needed for her. 

I was keen for Eden to be involved in her device, so suggested to her Dad that Eden should devise the colour scheme she would like as the PLA plastic used comes in pretty much any colour you want.

A few days later I received her colour scheme that Eden and her Brother had put together.

Armed with the colour scheme I ordered up the plastic colours needed and set off printing her Raptor Reloaded.

With the plastic here, let the printing commence ! The printing of the parts went well, it was good to see all my endless hours calibrating my printer seemed to be paying off; total print time for all components combined came in at around 22 hours.

Once all the printed parts were completed, I assembled them prior to adding tendons, elastic, padding and velcro. I was happy with the colour match to her design !

But then while adding the tendons and elastic, disaster struck. Not only had I discovered that I seem to suffer from knot dyslexia but also that my teeth are not made of steel when attempting to pull one of the tendon knots tight. Not to worry, I was not going to let a broken tooth stop me from finishing my 1st build, so one compound filling and £170 lighter the build for Eden continued 


With the build complete (and no image to prove it due to the distress of breaking my tooth) I set off early Saturday morning to drive to Manchester to give Eden her customised Raptor Reloaded. When I arrived Eden was excited to get her device and more excited to use it to pick up her toys and other every day objects.

It was a very moving experience for Eden's family and myself, to see how 3D printing and technology could give Eden something that not only looks cool but also can serve as an assistive device for her. It was from this point on I knew I would need to do more to help e-NABLE and the many recipients out there that could benefit from a device.