Drew's 2nd Recipient - Miley

Having completed my first build I was itching to help someone else, my 2nd match was for a little girl from Kings Lynn called Miley who is 4 years old. Her build stated as expected with measurements from pictures her mam had submitted to e-NABLE, unfortunately they were not taken square on so getting accurate measurements from them was going to be difficult. Luckily someone on the e-NABLE Google+ community had posted some images to help with taking pictures correctly, I sent them to Miley's Mam Michelle to help her to understand what to do.

Michelle was then able to send me some new pictures of Miley's affected and non-affected hand from which I was able to determine the size and scale of her Raptor Reloaded hand I was going to build for her.

I asked Michelle if Miley would like any particular colours or theme to her hand; apparently Miley really liked Spiderman, so with this information I created some colour themed hands rendered in Autodesk fusion 360 for her to review and comment on.

Miley picked the 3rd design, blue fingers with white tension pins and white wrist pins and caps, I wasted no time and ordered up the colours I did not have and got printing! Over the next few days I printed and assembled all the colour co-ordianted parts; I was very happy with the results.

All I had to do now was wire up the tendons, elastic, fit padding and velcro. For this build I got some long nose pliers to help with pulling the knots tight, no more broken teeth for me ! I used black elastic and white chord for the tendons to keep it in the theme of Spiderman.

Luckily I have bought enough sets of Lee Tippi Micro Gel Fingertip Grips that I could use blue ones on the fingers to match the design; due to the relatively small size of Miley's device even these small tips would struggle to stay on securely. This was the first time I knew that Tippi Tips were not going to be the long term solution, but they would do for now until I could find something better.

Anyway having built the device I arranged to take it to Miley; it was actually on the same day as my 3rd Recipient as the both lived near to each other.

Miley loved her Spiderman raptor reloaded; it had been a fantastic build !

Drew, Radio, TV and newspaper Interview for 2nd Recipient - Miley.


Today I did a TV and Radio interview for my 2nd recipient Miley. It was great to get the chance to raise the profile of the work that I am doing and that of e-NABLE, it was also fantastic to hear such good words from Miley's mam Michelle.

The BBC Three Counties Radio interview can be heard below :-

My Interview with ITV News Anglia can be seen below, and is also available on their website HERE.

Finally Miley also got an article in her local paper the Lynn News, which is here. The photo from the article is fantastic !