Drew's 5th Recipient - Riley

My 5th recipient was for a young boy, Riley from Sidcup in Kent. His mother Laura had registered him for a device and we had been matched.

The usual measuring process began and after a few exchanges of a few pictures I had determined the correct scaling size. Riley did not really want a colour theme but his favourite colour was green, and one of his favourite activities was LEGO. This gave me an idea; I had previously seen Lego compatible 3D models for printing, I thought I could build Lego compatible blocks on his raptor reloaded so he could build Lego on it.

At first I tried to model the Lego directly on to the gauntlet, but what I found was due to the orientation of the print the Lego pins would chip and flake. So in the end I cheated, I modelled the Lego elements and then glued them to the hand using Epoxy.

Now I had those parts sorted out I proceeded to print the rest of Riley's Raptor Reloaded in what can only be described as Hulk green.

Then it was time for my favourite part (Not) of wiring up the hand and fitting the velcro etc. I was very pleased with the final result, I even had enough Tippi Tips in green for the fingers.

So now all built up and ready to go I set off to Sidcup; I had arranged this delivery on the same day as my 4th Recipient Sam, so just a 150 mile round trip this time.

Sam loved his hand and his mam and Grandad were also equally impressed; his face says it all really !

A few days later I received the following message from Laura, Riley's mam, with the attached video below.

Had to share you with you, it’s a very special moment for us! Lots of tears from me and smiles from Riley!
Thank you,

Another e-NABLE build and another happy recipient :-)