Dear Sir Richard,

We need a favour; or to put more precisely "We need a ride" please give me five minutes of your time to explain.

My colleague, Stephen Davies and I (Drew Murray) are UK volunteers for an organisation called e-NABLE. We develop and produce 3D printed hands and arms for people that need them. This global community now consists of over 6000 people; who have printed, assembled and delivered 1000's of devices to people all over the world in the last 2 years.

Stephen and I are passionate about this work, the positive impact it brings to recipients and their families, as well as its exciting future as designs continue to evolve; the designs are open source for the benefit of all.

I have been involved in this voluntary work since the end of last year, Stephen who was my 6th recipient of a 3D printed hand and has joined forces with me and together we work under the name of Team UnLimbited.

Everything we do is unpaid, we do this in our spare time, outside of our normal daily jobs and family lives. We give our time for free and cover all the costs creating and delivering devices to people who need them. Were not in this for the money, this is not a business proposition, were in it to help people; god knows my business sense is bad enough !

It is hard to convey into words not only the sense of achievement when a recipient gets their device, but the look of joy on their face the first time they use it to pick something up with it, it's 110% nectar for the soul.

The value of these devices is not just to give someone the ability to grasp, pick up and hold a ball, but also in the freedom it gives them to live their lives independently. The rainbow of cool colours in which these devices are produced makes it highly personal to each recipient so that they then emotionally 'own' their device.  The feedback from recipients' parents is they notice a huge confidence boost in their child; hopefully with more development their functionality will continue to improve as well.

This October 24th e-NABLE will be hosing their 2nd Annual conference at the University of Washington, Bothell. We want to meet the people we have been collaborating with over the last year via Skype, Google+ and Google Hangout.

The 3D printing world is very fast paced, one in which we would like to be part of bringing the latest technology to enhance peoples lives in the form of the 3D printed limbs. We feel it is important to meet up with e-Nable staff and volunteers face to face, share our designs and ideas, help in planning the next developments to push this technology on; all in the hope of giving the people who need these devices a 'helping hand'.

So Sir Richard, can your airline get us to the conference, can you help us to keep helping? 

Would you please consider donating 2 x return flights to attend this conference, so we can come back to Britain brimming with shared knowledge, contacts and vision to keep momentum on this amazing and life changing cause ?

Before you decide please check out the video's below and have a look at the recipients we have helped to date; our new Blog while still in its early days contains more details.

Thank you so much for your time reading this and I hope you will help us to keep giving the world a "helping hand."

Your most sincerely,

Stephen Davies and Drew Murray.






To date we have built devices for the following UK recipients, each picture links to their build story on our blog.