The UnLimbited Arm 2.0 Alfie Edition has Arrived.

When we released the UnLimbited Arm Isabella Edition, we knew we would need to re-develop and progress the design.

The Isabella edition had a problem; a difficult one that no one has really up to now been able to address; that is as children grow the proportions of size between hand, forearm and upper arm all change. The Isabella edition arm could only be scaled up or down proportionally.

The Isabella Edition was fine for most children between the ages 4-7 but from many emails asking for teenage or adult proportioned arms we knew we would have to tackle designing an arm suitable for fitting across all age ranges thus what we needed was a parametric arm. 

As makers ourselves, the greatest frustration was the uncertainty of sizing the devices correctly, calculating the print scale for each individual, and ensuring a good fit. We did everything we could to help, providing sizing charts and instructions but it would always be a “Best Fit” scenario and as recipients forearms, hand and biceps all grow and stretch un-proportionally, this made this process almost impossible outside of a small fitting range of 4-7 (but even then we found exceptions to the rule, with all children being different)

So after several months of coding, testing, building and development, we are proud to release the first fully parametric 3d printed arm; The UnLimbited arm v2.0 - Alfie Edition; which is available HERE.

We also wanted to make the process as simple as possible so we hosted the files on Thingyverse through Customizer.

The maker only has to enter three key measurements.

1.)    Hand Length

2.)    Forearm Length

3.)    Bicep Circumference

From these three measurements all files are generated automatically, and provided as a single zip file to download and are provided pre-scaled correctly to fit the recipient, all ready for printing !

We are very excited to release this arm, and can’t wait to see photo’s coming in from around the world of recipients benefiting.

We hope to continue to develop our arm, and have some exciting ideas for the future.

You can find The UnLimbited Arm 2.0 - Alfie Edition HERE, so what you waiting for, get printing and e-NABLING the future.