Team UnLimited Thermo-form Reverse Dovetail Gauntlet

This release contains all the required files to create reverse dovetail thermo-formed gauntlets for e-nable devices and is currently compatible with both Raptor Reloaded and Phoenix hands. Printed in PLA the gauntlet is heated when printed to form a natural, strong gauntlet.

This release also includes the Autodesk Fusion 360 source archive to allow for easier modification and customisation of this gauntlet.

This development is based upon the initial thermo-form work by Andreas Bastian that is available here, from his R&D thread in the e-NABLE forum here.

This release contains the following files :-

  • V4 Thermo-form gauntlet, this scales at the same size as the e-nable device being produced.
  • Forming Jig to allow shaping to be performed without the recipient / without risk of burns to the recipient.
  • Several tension boxes :-
    • Team UnLimited 3 pin partial adaptive grip; more information on this can be found here.
    • Standard 5 pin tension box.
    • Gripper box for adaptive grip; more information on this can be found here.
  • Customised tension box pin that has an internal rounder surface for the Team UnLimited 3 pin adaptive grip system.

Team UnLimbited Thermo-form Reverse Dovetail Advantages

  • Significantly stronger than standard printed gauntlet.
  • Lighter than standard gauntlet.
  • Much faster printing time.
  • Allows for a more natural forming shape
  • Recipient reported advantages include :-
    • Better fitting, more comfortable
    • Feels more "connected"
    • Improved performance with device, able to create better, stronger grip.

Team UnLimbited Thermo-form Reverse Dovetail Features

  • Reverse dovetail to allow for a more natural forming of the gauntlet without distorting the tensioner block interface.
  • Dual strap mounts to eliminate the use of wide velcro and the associated comfort problem it creates.
    • Use either narrow velcro double sided tape or pre-made velcro straps to secure the gauntlet; both available on eBay etc.
  • Crescent Moon front wrist pressure release area to aid with comfort.
  • Suggested lining material is Dr Scholl moleskin plus padding roll, if the device is correctly sized and formed then there should be no need for additional foam padding.
  • As ever the recipient should wear a prosthetic sock with any e-NABLE device.


Print the Team UnLimited Thermo-form reverse dovetail gauntlet and Jig at the same scale size to the device you are creating; suggested print settings are :-

  • .2mm layer height
  • 35% infill (honeycomb if avalible)
  • 4 top layers
  • 4 bottom layers
  • 3 perimeters

We have put together the following video to show the method for forming the gauntlet we use, you could also use a hair dryer if you do not wish to use hot water. Please note that the thermo-forming process can be repeated multiple times to gain the desired shape.


File Download

The files for this release are HERE.

Autodesk Fusion 360 Source Files

The source CAD files for this release are HERE.

Licensing and Usage

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